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UnityCar 2.2 Pro Web Demo (Monza Track).

UnityCar is a realistic and complete vehicle simulation package for Unity3D Game Engine. With UnityCar you can easly integrate (without scripting) any kind of vehicle in your game: passenger cars, racing cars, dragsters, drift cars, trucks (with trailer), buses with complex sections of any number of wheels. You can obtain any level of simulation accuracy, from an arcade behavior (by enabling ArcadeMode) to a almost hardcore simulation. Adding a vehicle to your projects is as easy as clicking on a menu voice under Component/Physics menu.

Seven different vehicles included (you can select them with PageDown and PageUp keys):
  • Ferrari 360(powerful sport car);
  • McLaren MP4(powerful sport car);
  • Nissan R34(sport car);
  • Mini Cooper(sport city car);
  • RGK Truck(offroad car);
  • Monster Truck(big wheel monster truck);
  • Scania Truck With Trailer(truck with trailer);
  • Ape tuktuk(3-wheeled car);
  • Moon Buggy(6-wheeled moon car);

Use the following keys to control the car:

ARROWS keys or WASD keys to drive the car
SPACE key to handbrake
C key to change camera
R key to realign the car
X key to press the clutch
F and V keys to change gear
I key to start the engine
SHIFT + R keys to repair the car
PageUp and PageDown keys to change car
B key to toggle setup window
G key to toggle suspensions forces lines
N key to toggle the dashboard
M key to toggle the map

F1 key to toggle slow motion
F12 key to toggle shadows
Return key to disable all GUIs
ESC key to restart the level
SHIFT to enable burnout start

UnityCar 2.2 Pro features:

  • skype support;
  • 6 months free support;
  • axis controller, mouse controller, mobile controllera and external controller (used for AI);
  • car damages;
  • new high quality 3D models;
  • Monza Track scene (made and improved by sipon);
  • new city scene (made by sipon);
  • new accurate engine model (with configurable max power, max power rpm, max torque and max torque rpm);
  • support of setup loading and saving on an external file (compatible with all platforms);
  • possibility to have 1-n axles with any configuration of wheels;
  • physic correct head movement with on board camera;
  • physical correct fuel tank and fuel consumption simulation;
  • 3D tire (not yet implemented);
  • camber calculation;
  • tire pressure calculation;
  • tire deformation (not yet implemented);
  • accurate lateral and longitudinal tire relaxation calculation;
  • working and accurate force feedback simulation (tested with Logitech G25 G27);
  • movable steering wheel;
  • improved dashboard;
  • in game Settings menu with engine torque curve and tuning dialogs (used to change car's settings);
  • full new suspension model with Slow and Fast Bump / Rebound);
  • new clutch model;
  • improved arcade mode based on a new class (Arcader). More, Arcader is based on an abstract class called Modifier, so its possible to write a custom modifier class in order to obtain any kind of specific behaviour (drift, GTA4, etc.);
  • support for brake caliper and brake disk model.

142.50 €
(150$ + 25% Denmark VAT)

97 €

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