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UnityCar 2.0 LE Web Demo (Pixelactive City Demo).
UnityCar 2.0 LE is the Light Edition of UnityCar Pro. It shares most of the code with the Pro version, but is missing some of the more advanced features of the Pro version. Four different vehicles included (you can select them with PageDown and PageUp keys):

  • Renault Clio Sport(citycar);
  • Ferrari(a powerful sport car);
  • Catamount(a powerful sport car);
  • Gmc Sierra Grande(an offroad car);

Use the following keys to control the car:

ARROWS keys or WASD keys to drive the car
SPACE key to handbrake
C key to change camera
R key to realign the car
X key to press the clutch
F and V keys to change gear
SHIFT + R keys to repair the car
L key to toggle Arcade Mode
PageUp and PageDown keys to change car
O key to change transmission (RWD, FWD, AWD)
H key to toggle the help window
G key to toggle suspensions forces lines
B key to toggle setup GUI
N key to toggle the dashboard
M key to toggle the map

F1 key to toggle slow motion
F12 key to toggle shadows
Return key to disable all GUIs
ESC key to restart the level
SHIFT to bypass TCS (Traction Control)
Q key to toggle ABS (AntiLock Braking)
E key toggle ESP (Stability Control)
S key to toggle Steer Assistance
T key to toggle Automatic Transmission

Press H to toggle this Help window during the game.

As previusly said, UnityCar 2.0 LE is missing some of the more advanced features of the Pro version. These features are:
  • skype support (only email);
  • 6 months free support (only 3 months);
  • mouse controller and mobile controller;
  • car damages;
  • new high quality 3D models (4 mid quality models from UnityCar 1.2 included (catamount, ferrari, clio and GMC offroad));
  • Monza Track scene (made and improved by sipon);
  • new city scene (made by sipon);
  • new accurate engine model (with configurable max power, max power rpm, max torque and max torque rpm);
  • engine can stall
  • possibility to load and save vehicle setup from an external text file (compatible with all platforms);
  • possibility to have more than 4 wheels;
  • physic correct head movement with on board camera;
  • 3D tire;
  • camber calculation;
  • tire pressure calculation;
  • tire deformation;
  • force feedback support;
  • accurate lateral and longitudinal tire relaxation calculation;
  • movable steering wheel;
  • complete 2.0 dashboard (no onboard dashboard, no pedals monitor, no digital speedo (basically is the dashboard from 1.2 a little polished);
  • full featured car setting and tuning GUI;
  • full new suspension model (no Fast Bump and Fast Rebound);
  • new clutch model (it uses an optimized UnityCar 1.2 version);
  • improved arcade mode based on a new class (Arcader). More, Arcader is based on an abstract class called Modifier, so its possible to write a custom modifier class in order to obtain any kind of specific behaviour (drift, GTA4, etc.);
  • support for brake caliper and brake disk model.

49 €

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