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In this Demo you can test UnityCar with 8 different vehicles (you can select them with PageDown and PageUp keys):

  • Peugeot 205 T16(a light and fast citycar);
  • Renault Clio Sport(another citycar, a little bigger than the previous);
  • Ferrari(a powerful sport car);
  • Catamount(a powerful sport car);
  • Gmc Sierra Grande(an offroad car);
  • Monster Truck(an offroad car with very big wheel, perfect to test the Tridimensional Tire feature of UnityCar).
  • Truck(a truck with trailer);
  • Moon Buggy (6 wheels funny car);

Use the following keys to control the car:

ARROWS keys or WASD keys to drive the car
SPACE key to handbrake
C key to change camera
R key to realign the car
X key to press the clutch
F and V keys to change gear
SHIFT + R keys to repair the car
L key to toggle Arcade Mode
PageUp and PageDown keys to change car
O key to change transmission (RWD, FWD, AWD)
H key to toggle the help window
G key to toggle suspensions forces lines
B key to toggle setup GUI
N key to toggle the dashboard
M key to toggle the map

F1 key to toggle slow motion
ESC key to restart the level
SHIFT to bypass TCS (Traction Control)
Q key to toggle ABS (AntiLock Braking)
E key toggle ESP (Stability Control)
S key to toggle Steer Assistance
T key to toggle Automatic Transmission

Press H to toggle this Help window during the game.


142.50 €
(150$ + 25% Denmark VAT)

97 €

  Contact me at unitycar at for more info.

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